Work Incentives

Work Incentive Planning and Assistance (WIPA) is a grant awarded by The Social Security Administration to local organizations to provide work incentive planning services for beneficiaries in cash payment status for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), or Social Security Childhood Disability Benefits (SSCDB) previously called Disabled Adult Child (SSDAC).

Who is eligible to receive services?

Anyone who is currently receiving cash payments under one or more of the following programs: Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Social Security Childhood Disability Benefits (SSCDB) - also known as Social Security Disabled Adult Child (SSDAC) AND is either: Working, looking for work, or thinking about looking for work.

What do WIPA Services cost?

All services are free of charge. There is never a cost for any of the services provided by Project Independence under the WIPA project.

Program Services

The following is a menu of Independent Living services from which people may choose, according to what supports are needed. As people gain experience and confidence in certain areas, services are adjusted to meet people's evolving needs, to foster on-going progress towards independence.

  • Work Incentive Planning Analysis - we meet in person with beneficiaries to explain what impact work earnings have on each benefit received.
  • Explain what work incentives are available - including learning how to keep Medi-Cal, and/or Medicare benefits for an extended period while working. Other incentives include IRWE's (Impairment Related Work Expenses), Subsidy (Job Coaching, etc.), and many more.
  • Ticket to Work Program - Employment networks are available
  • PASS (Plan for Achieving Self Support) - A plan that lets you use your income or other things you own to help you reach your work goals. In order for a PASS to be approved, you must have two forms of income and the job that you want should allow you to earn enough to reduce or eliminate your need for benefits. A plan is meant to help you get items, services or skills you need to reach your goals.
  • Community Resource Referrals - A beneficiary's stability may depend upon more than just health insurance and cash benefits, so we can refer to housing or mental health programs, One-Stop Centers, Regional Center of Orange County, Department of Rehabilitation, and other resources upon which many beneficiaries rely.

Incentive Website

This website gives information about 1) Earned Income Exclusion Student Earned Income Exclusion (SEIE), 2) Impairment Related Work Expenses for Blind

Persons , 3) Plan to Achieve Self Support and more